the arcane motif
the Arcane Motif


During this meeting, a more comprehensive portfolio of work examples will be shown. A discussion to establish your likes and dislikes will take place to ascertain the size and scope of works envisaged and your proposed budget. Based on our discussion we can then establish a design fee to undertake the generation of your Concept Plan and other works. We will then measure up the site and take photographs to aid us during the design development stage.


Each project site possesses unique topographic, hydrologic, and vegetative features, some of which are more suitable for development than others. Integrating and incorporating appropriate landscape planning methodologies into the project design is the most effective action that can be done to minimize surface and groundwater contamination from storm water. Colour, form, line, scale, and texture are primary landscape design elements.


The success of any design depends heavily on how it is implemented. Arcane Motif's vision for design-build integrates the values and inspiration of innovative planning and design with advanced strategies for the integrity of landscape construction. Our goal is to minimize potential fragmentation and inconsistency by creating a continuum of engagement where we oversee the project from beginning to end. Our seamless, team-driven process provides unique opportunities for connecting a range of elements throughout the progression for realizing the big picture.

We firmly believe that the future of seamless project delivery rests in our integrated design-build program. At the same time, should a client choose to separate the design from the construction, we are happy to accommodate this type of scenario, as well.